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Shelby is an award winning artist in Central Texas.

Having started her professional photography career in 2009, Shelby's work has caught the eye of many. She's worked for clients big and small – photographed thousands of portraits, all kinds of places, and dozens of weddings, gatherings, and occasions. Over the years, she's also photographed hundreds of cars from project lemons to high-end rarities. In 2021, Shelby was named
a Top 10 Automotive Photographer in Austin, Texas

While she's always had an affinity for many avenues of art, Shelby began painting frequently with acrylics in 2011. Throughout the past decade, her fresh, funky, and generally vibrant paintings have adorned the walls of restaurants and galleries. Then in January 2018, Shelby won Art Battle Austin – a live speed painting competition. 

What is Art Battle..?

"Easel sports are the new e-sports.....the underground Art Battle scene is more than just speed painting."

"Like Iron Chef, but with paint."
- New York Post

Fast forward to 2022, where Shelby dreamt up another form of more tangible art, with a purpose – and just like that, Sacred Spark Candle Co. was born. SSCC became a unique way of upcycling secondhand items into purposeful home decor. Shelby takes vintage vessels and turns them into all natural soy wax, wood wick candles, scented with essential oils. Utilizing a vast array of brass, copper, glass, and ceramic containers, Shelby creates statement candles that add to the aesthetic of anyone's home decor styling or staging.

While Shelby is no longer available to hire for photography gigs – 
photo prints, original paintings & painting prints, and candles are all available ways to bring a little of Shelby's award-winning eye to your life. 



Arting up Austin, Bastrop, Round Rock, Georgetown, & Cedar Park

(512) 508-1076

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